Welcome to the Renegade Coop

An awesome conversion of the Renegade Single Player and Custom maps to an Online Cooperative game mode in a First and Third Person Shooter environment.

General Info

Players have the ability to change to a character at the start location or nearby any unlocked checkpoint using the B (Buy) key to access the Sidebar.

Available Class Info
Character Classes are limited so this means players will really have to assemble a team of classes to complete the mission.
Class Purpose Gear Limit
Commando Long range sniping Ramjet Sniper Rifle, Pistol 1
Hotwire Repairing and Healing Repairgun, Pistol 2
Gunner Destroy and engage armored units and buildings Rocket Launcher, Pistol 3
Officer Engage enemy infantry units with ease Chaingun, Pistol 4
Demolitionist Destroy enemy buildings, vehicles, obstacles Timed C4, Remote C4, Proximity C4, Pistol 2


A perk is special ability applied to a player for a 1 time use, once activated with the P (Perk) key it can do the following:
  1. Ammo Drop: Drops in 3 ammo boxes by chinook for the team to pick up and refill ammo's.
  2. Medical Kit: Restores a players health to 100% when used, useful if no Hotwire classes are around and you almost died.
  3. Gun Emplacement: Deploy a gunemplacement that fires at enemies either automatic or manual when someone enters it.
  4. Healing Zone: Creates a Bubble Healing Zone that heals units within range with 5 hp every 2 seconds. This perk remains for 2 minutes when used.
Keycards will spawn and drop from various locations and/or bots that serve a purpose. Sometimes when a certain structure was infiltrated or destroyed a keycard will become available for pickup.

Beacons will unlock once all objectives are completed. Players can then buy one and end the mission usually by placing it on the Pedestal.
Note that only 1 player can have the beacon at any given time. It is the team's responsibility to make sure that player reaches the Pedestal. When the beacon carrier dies, places it, or leaves the server the beacon becomes available for purchase again.